What’s the Basic difference between Micro USB Cable and USB Type C Cable?

Why buy USB Type C Phone over Micro USB?

Let’s see by our self

The Basic Difference between Micro USB Cable and USB Type C 3.1 Cable can be detected mainly by the physical construction of Pin and functionality.

Most Mobile Phone and Electronics Devices Manufacturers Have Today Moved into the production of the USB type C for their devices.

This is a major move away from the Micro USB port/cable USB which stands for Universal Serial Bus was developed for establishing a connection between two devices for data transfer and charging simultaneously

To simplify all of this, our Android phone / iPhone / laptops or Bluetooth speaker has a USB cable.

One end of the cable has a common standard that is USB type A that fits into a laptop and the other end contains another USB Port which is small in size that fits in compare to USB A called Micro USB or USB type fits in your devices like mobile phones

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In Micro USB cable or USB Type C 3.1 Cable, USB A is a most common port and used as a second side of the cable that connects with charging adapter or laptops or your computer

USB A mainly has two types first “USB 2.0” and second “USB 3.0”

for basic understanding lets say USB 2.0 has 4 pins and USB 3.0 has 5 pins because of that USB 3.0 is faster in charging and data transfer as well as expansive

USB 2.0 standard is the most commonly used for USB A Because of its low price and very much similar functionality

Moving back to the second part of your cable USB Type C is becoming more famous in Bharat (India) because of feature it offers in a very low increase of price (in compare to Micro USB Cable)

Here are the basic advantages of USB Type C Cable / Port (over Micro USB Cable)



  • Faster Charging of your electronic devices like Android Devices / Apple Macbook / Cameras / BT speakers / other gadgets

  • Faster Data Transmission / Transfer between two devices

  • Reversible Connector of USB Type C so you can connect your phones without fear of breaking your charging port

  • Small in Shape

  • Power Delivery up to 100W

  • And USB Type C port is becoming the most common port in every device


 Basic Comparison Table:

Micro USB (B)
Introduced 20142007
Designed for
Tablet & Smartphone
Camera & Smartphone
8.4 x 2.6 mm
8.5 mm x 1.8 mm
Up to 10 Gb/s (USB 3.0)
Up to 480 Mb/s (USB 2.0)
Max cable length
3 M (9.8 ft)
5 M (16.4 ft)
Max power
20 Volts, 100 Watts
2 Volts, 60 Watts
PIN connector
 24 5
Symmetrical Yes No
Reversible charger
 Yes No



if you are going buy a phone go for USB Type C phone as well as laptops and other devices (in present time phone over 9000 INR  comes with USB Type C Port)

And also manufacturers are preferring USB C Type over Micro USB and USB type c is taking over the mobile phone market in India

in the near future, the micro USB port will vanish from the Indian phone market.

Some Best USB C Cable:



Some Best Micro USB Cable:


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