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What Is a Lightning Connector?

The Lightning connector is a little association link utilized with Apple’s cell phones (and surprisingly a few adornments) that charges and interfaces the gadgets to PCs and charging blocks.

What Is a Lightning Connector?

The Lightning connector was presented in 2012 with the appearance of the iPhone 5 and, presently, the iPad 4. It stays the standard method to both charge them and associate them to different gadgets like a PC, albeit a few gadgets, for example, the 2018 iPad Pro, may utilize USB-C as opposed to Lightning as its standard connector.

The actual link is little with a slender Lightning connector on one side and a standard USB-A connector on the other. The Lightning connector is 80% more modest than the 30-pin connector it supplanted and is completely reversible, which implies it doesn’t make any difference what direction the connector is confronting when you plug it into the Lightning port.

The Lightning connector for Apple’s versatile items.


How Can the Lightning Connector Respond?

The link is essentially used to charge the gadget. The iPhone and iPad both incorporate a Lightning link and a charger that is utilized to interface the USB end of the link into an electrical plug. The link can likewise be utilized to charge the gadget by connecting it to the USB port of a PC, however the nature of the charge you can escape your PC or work area PC will differ. The USB port on a more established PC may not stockpile sufficient ability to charge an iPhone or iPad.

The Lightning connector accomplishes something beyond communicate power. It can likewise send and get computerized data, so you can utilize it to transfer photographs and recordings to your PC or download music and motion pictures. The iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch communicate with iTunes on your PC to synchronize these documents between the gadget and the PC.

The Lightning connector can likewise communicate sound. Beginning with the iPhone 7, Apple discarded the earphone connector in its cell phone arrangement. While the ascent of remote earphones and speakers drove Apple’s choice, the most recent iPhones incorporate a Lightning-to-earphone connector that associates the gadgets to earphones with miniplug connectors.

Lightning Connector Adapters Extend Its Uses

An expansive market of Lightning connectors expand the capacity of your convenient Apple gadgets.

Lightning-to-USB Camera Connection Kit. This gadget successfully gives your iPhone or iPad a USB port. While publicized for associating cameras to your cell phone or tablet, the USB port backings a wired console, a melodic console utilizing MIDI or even a USB-to-Ethernet link. This connector comes in three variations: USB, Micro-USB, and USB-C for more up to date gadgets.

Lightning-to-HDMI “Computerized AV” connector. This gadget is an incredible method to snare your iPhone or iPad up to your HDTV. Not exclusively will the connector permit you to copy your gadget’s screen on the TV, numerous applications like Netflix and Hulu work with the connector to send full-screen video through it. The connector likewise incorporates a Lightning port so you can charge your iPhone or iPad while it is associated with your TV.

Lightning-to-3.5-mm Headphone Jack. This dongle interfaces standard wired earphones to the iPhone or iPad through the Lightning port. It will work with any gadget that utilizes the 3.5 mm standard for sound, including outer speakers.

Lightning-to-VGA. Utilize this link to yield video to a screen or projector that utilizes the VGA-input standard. This innovation just communicates video, not sound, yet it is ideal for introductions at work.

For what reason Does the Mac Include a Lightning Cable? What Else Does It Work With?

Since the connector is so dainty and flexible, the Lightning connector has become an extraordinary method to charge a considerable lot of the incredible embellishments we use with the iPhone, iPad and Mac. Here are a portion of the various gadgets and frill that utilization the Lightning port:

Enchantment Keyboard

Enchantment Mouse 2

Enchantment Trackpad 2

Mac Pencil (The lightning port is additionally used to combine the Pencil with the iPad Pro.)

Siri Remote (For use with the freshest Apple TVs.)

AirPods charging case

Beats X headphones

Beats Pill speaker

Earpods (These are the new earphones included with the iPhone and iPad.)

Which Mobile Devices Are Compatible With the Lightning Connector?

The Lightning Connector was presented in September of 2012 and has gotten the standard port on Apple’s cell phones. Here is a rundown of gadgets that have a Lightning port:


iPhone 5

iPhone 5C

iPhone 5S

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

iPhone SE

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

iPhone X iPhone XS and XR


iPad 4

iPad Air

iPad Air 2

iPad Mini

iPad Mini 2

iPad Mini 3

iPad Mini 4

iPad (2017)

9.7-inch iPad Pro

10.5-inch iPad Pro

12.9-inch iPad Pro

12.9-inch iPad Pro (2017)


iPod Nano (seventh Gen)

iPod Touch (fifth Gen)

iPod Touch (sixth Gen)

While there is a 30-pin connector accessible for the Lightning Connector for in reverse similarity with more seasoned extras, there isn’t a Lightning connector for the 30-pin connector. This implies gadgets created sooner than those on this rundown won’t work with more up to date extras that require the Lightning connector.

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