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DJPunjab (2021): 12 Best alternatives to DJPunjab

With the furious fame of the Punjabi melodies surrounding, it’s anything but an unexpected that increasingly more Punjabi tunes sites are coming moving around. On the off chance that you are somebody who loves tuning in to the beats of the Punjabi melodies and the sort of astonishing verses that they have, DJPunjab is authoritatively a standout amongst other accessible sites on the web. The best thing about this gadget is perhaps the update plans. They have a tremendous library of melodies and that too with the absolute best accessible alternatives. From the furthest down the line singles to the astonishing collections that have been delivered by a portion of the mainstream Punjabi craftsmen.

The fame of this site has seethed when it began refreshing every one of the most recent tunes upon the arrival of the delivery, allowing individuals to download the melodies quicker than they might envision. This made the Punjabi tunes significantly more open for individuals and let them download them effortlessly.

DJPunjab (2021): 12 Best options in contrast to DJPunjab



In any case, even with this site, there are odds of copyright striking as they update the collections and the single essentially around the same time. In such cases, in the event that you would prefer not to pass up your every day Punjabi music fix, we have a rundown of a portion of the stunning elective sites that you can check through.

What is DJPunjab?

As we referenced simply above, DJPunjab is a Punjabi tunes site that has each sort of Punjabi tunes that you might envision. From the furthest down the line single to the collections of a portion of the local Punjabi specialists, they have everything on their site.

They don’t have any sort of motion pictures for you to download, so ensure that you do look out on equivalent to that matters a considerable amount. The best thing about this site that makes this a commendable one of your time is all gratitude to the wide scope of assortments.

The UI of the site isn’t the awesome, going to lie yet it takes care of business, so that will be that.

What are the highlights of the site?

DJPunjab has an entire assortment of Punjabi melodies that you might dream of. From the accessible most recent deliveries to the melodies from the 90s, almost certainly, you will discover them all on this stage.

They additionally have separate classifications for the tunes, in view of the sort of types that they accompany. On the off chance that you need something with a ton of beats, they have you covered, in the event that you need something for weddings, they probably have you covered.

Legalities of the site

Given that DJPunjab refreshes the melodies and the collections often from the date of the real delivery, individuals do have questions expressing that the equivalent probably won’t be legitimate. That isn’t generally the situation.

The melodies are either refreshed a couple of days after and in the event that it is refreshed or released that very day of the delivery, all things considered, a similar will influence the site and may even get it prohibited. However, it hasn’t occurred at this point which discloses to us that downloading tunes from this site is legitimate and doesn’t force any types of perils.

How to download tunes from DJPunjab?

On the off chance that you have been searching for a particular melody to download, you can basically go on the stage and quest for it. On the off chance that it is accessible in their music library, it will appear on the download choice where you can download it following the means.

On the off chance that you just haphazardly unearthed the site and have no clue about what melodies you need to download, you can peruse the accessible classifications on the site and afterward select the one that you believe is most appropriate for you.

Most recent tune discharges

Probably the most recent Punjabi tunes that have been delivered that you can almost certainly discover on the site incorporate the accompanying:

Tibbeyan Da Putt


Filma ft. Shakti Kapoor

Subaah Jatt Da

Jatt da Muqabala

Singhs with Attitude

Cali da Velly

Jinde Meriye


Best options for DJPunjab

There could be times when the site could be prohibited or even occasions when you don’t discover a melody on their foundation to download. In such cases, there are a couple of sites that do have an extensive rundown of the absolute most recent Punjabi tunes discharge that you can investigate. Given the way that they do accompany a plenty of choices, almost certainly, you wouldn’t lament investing your energy in these sites.

Probably the best ones include:

  1. Pagalworld

The absolute first on the rundown of the options for DJPunjab must be Pagalworld. This isn’t a Punjabi melodies just site however it has a different tab committed to simply the Punjabi tunes that you can enjoy. They have a wide scope of Punjabi tunes and collections that you can glance through and download according to your requirements.

The best thing about this site is the adaptability. You get a plenty of other music choices to download also, which furnishes you with more assortment. The solitary thing that you need to do to download melodies from this site is to enlist on it. Indeed, even that is a very issue free strategy that you wouldn’t battle with.

They have a totally customized area ordering the absolute most recent deliveries, the main 10 melodies and significantly more. The interface of the site is likewise lovely negligible and permits you to explore through it with no problem by any means. In the event that you need a site that refreshes its libraries consistently, this is the one.

  1. Saregama

As abnormal as it sounds, Saregama has a different area implied only for Punjabi tunes. The solitary drawback to this site is the way that they charge for the tunes that you need to download. Yet, frankly, the cost is simply INR 4 for the mp3 variant and you may need to pay more for the HD rendition.

On the off chance that you need free music, this is most likely not your foundation. However, in the event that you need the nature of tunes with an enormous assortment to look from, this does satisfy the hopes. The motivation behind why individuals actually pay this site to download their tunes is a result of the great quality tunes that you find on the site.

The Punjabi music segment on this site houses the absolute most recent deliveries and surprisingly the retro choices that you presumably can’t discover elsewhere. That to the side, this site has an extremely simple UI that you wouldn’t lament spending your coins on.

  1. DJMaza

One more free and stunning option in contrast to DJPunjab that you can investigate is DJMaza. This site is a ton like DJPunjab, regarding the UI, formats and surprisingly the general assortment of melodies that they have.

The site has an extremely tremendous library of the most recent and old Punjabi tunes that you presumably have been searching for. Beside the sounds of the tunes, the site likewise has recordings that you can download. Also, each and every video is of the best quality, which makes this a commendable choice.

Punjabi music is under a subcategory, which can be somewhat badly designed to discover. Regularly, individuals pass up the segment through and through. They additionally have a little portrayal of the melody, permitting you to discover better and more about the vocalists and such. The interface of the site is really intuitive too.

  1. MP3Mad

For the music enthusiasts who have been watching out for some great music to download, particularly the Punjabi melodies, MP3Made is extraordinary compared to other accessible choices. This is certifiably not a Just Punjabi melodies site, so you need to glance through the subcategory that they have going around.

The best thing about this site is its assortment of tunes. Name any tune and you will likely have it there. From the most recent Punjabi tunes to the stunning scope of Bollywood and even Haryanvi tunes, if that is something that tempts your music taste.

They do have a moving spot on the site that allows you to download every one of the melodies that are new and humming among the crowd. This additionally gives you an effectively open easy route that you can download from with no problem. They do have a totally unique segment for the Punjabi segment which further accompanies the absolute best classifications that you can glance through.

  1. Songspk

On the off chance that you are somebody who likes to download melodies and hear them out as opposed to investing your energy streaming them on the web, you undoubtedly have found out about Songspk. It is quite possibly the most famous stages for the Punjabi melodies that you can download with no problems by any means.

This is one of those stages that are known more for territorial music download alternatives. They do have different classifications of music too like Indian Pop and with the end goal that you can uncover into. The site, to put it plainly, is very adaptable, so you actually wouldn’t see any problems with investing your energy in it. The melodies are likewise totally free for you to download.

The site has a plenty of choices for the single tracks of the Punjabi tunes for you to download from. Beside that, you can download the absolute most recent collections also. They have an immediate pursuit alternative that permits you to download the melodies from that point straightforwardly with no sort of disarray.

  1. Mr-Jatt

Next up on the rundown of the best options for DJPunjab that you can investigate is Mr-Jatt. This is one of those sites that gives the most recent Punjabi melodies and surprisingly an assemblage of the best Hindi tunes if that is something that you discover interest in.

The best thing about this site that settles on it a commendable decision is the gigantic assortment of tunes, be it the old ones or even the most recent deliveries. The site is likewise refreshed every day which implies that you never need to stress over being forgotten about from the most recent updates.

They have classified areas on the site as well, which implies that you get immediate admittance to the absolute most recent alternatives like the Top 20 melodies, etc. They have a few recordings for you to download also, which again makes this a commendable buy.

  1. SongsMP3

One more stunning elective site to the DJPunjab that you can investigate is SongsMP3. The essential explanation that makes this a particularly astonishing choice is all a result of the wide scope of tunes that they offer. From the astonishing scope of Punjabi tunes to the faultless Hindi melodies, you are in for a ride.

The stage is brimming with promotions that do cause a ton of hindrance, one that you would wind up being aggravated with however the library of tunes that they have, compensate for the ungainliness. They have an enormous assortment of the absolute most recent Punjabi melodies, Bollywood tunes, and surprisingly the Indi Pop tunes.

The music is accessible for you in classifications or in the event that you have a particular tune as a primary concern, you can basically look for it on the inquiry banish and straightforwardly download it from that point with no additional problem. You should show restraint toward the interaction, so ensure that you do remember that too.

  1. DJ Youngster

Try not to get deflected by the name of the site as it gives the absolute best accessible tunes, be it the Punjabi ones or even different classes of music. It’s anything but a site that contains music for one single inclination yet has a smidgen to bring to the table to everyone around.

They do have separate classes with a portion of the tunes that fit into the class of the music. The equivalent applies to both the Punjabi tunes just as the Bollywood tunes that are accessible on their site.

On the off chance that you need the best download choices, we would propose that you do glance through the accessible choices under the recently added area as they do give probably the best accessible alternatives for you to check through. The site likewise has some alternate route choices, which further add to the rundown of advantages with regards to downloading Punjabi melodies.

  1. Mr-Punjab

Similarly as the name proposes, Mr-Punjab is one of those astonishing sites that give the best accessible Punjabi tunes for you to download from. They do have a few choices for the most recent melodies, singles, and collections however in the event that you like retro tunes from the 90s, they have that as well.

Each and every downloadable document is alright for you to download, so you need not stress over anything by any stretch of the imagination. Simply guarantee that you have a rundown of the melodies you need to download to make the interaction simpler. On the off chance that you don’t have anything explicit as a main priority, we would propose glancing through the classes that they have.

They have a few classes accessible including the Top 20s, remix choices, most recent deliveries, collections, etc. Aside from the customary Punjabi tunes, you can discover Hindi melodies on the site too, which again is quite astounding.

  1. Illustrious Jatt

Next up on the rundown of the best options for DJPunjab that you can glance through is Royal Jatt. This site is known for its stunning scope of Punjabi tunes and recordings that it has. Each and every downloadable record is of the best quality, which is one of the essential reasons why this is promoted as a decent other option.

It additionally has Bollywood music and probably the most recent hits that you perhaps have been searching for. They have classes and a negligible UI that guarantees simple route with no issue by any means.

You can discover a great deal of remix and change choices of a portion of the customary melodies that can go about as a much needed refresher for you. Simply guarantee that you do have everything figured out for yourself and understand what sort of music you may have been searching for.

  1. DJ Johal

Relatively few know about this site yet in the event that you need a decent assortment of Punjabi tunes, DJ Johal is one that you wouldn’t lament opening. They have an immense assortment of probably the most recent Punjabi tunes. In any case, that doesn’t imply that you can’t track down the great alternatives with retro tunes as well.

They update their information base each and every day and updates probably the most recent deliveries and collections and surprisingly a great deal of Hindi tunes also. Simply guarantee that you have a decent web association on the off chance that you need a fast download speed of the melodies.

They have moving and most recent update alternatives and classes which further go about as a simple path for you to download a portion of the tunes that have been moving. The lone thing that you should be watchful about is the UI. It isn’t awful however can be somewhat obstructive and mistaking for certain individuals, particularly when you are exploring on the telephone.

  1. Unsafe Jatt

To wrap things up on the rundown of the best accessible Punjabi tunes site is Risky Jatt which additionally acts like a decent option in contrast to DJPunjab. On the off chance that you have been keeping watch for probably the most ideal choices, this site houses them all. It likewise tells the truth interface that you will adore exploring through.

The something interesting about this site is the way that it portrays more on the rundowns and graphs. This means they update the absolute most recent choices with regards to the moving Punjabi singles and collections.

A portion of the curated classifications that they have on the site is really stunning and makes your life significantly simpler by allowing you to look for the tune that you need and download it straightforwardly from that point. The main 20 classification is perhaps the most famous choices there and makes it a commendable alternative for you to glance through.

Here is the rundown of different other options:













300MB films





















Jio Rockers


Undertaking Free TV

























Much of the time Asked Questions (FAQs) About DJPunjab

  1. Does DJPunjab have every one of the most recent tunes?

The fundamental USP of DJPunjab that has made this a particularly well known alternative is all since they furnish with every one of the most recent tunes. This implies that you never need to stress over the believability of the melodies by any means. Beside that, it likewise guarantees that you get the most recent delivered singles and collections inside the seven day stretch of delivery without disregarding any copyright issues.

  1. Is DJPunjab a lawful site?

DJPunjab isn’t a media accomplice or official site for any sort of Punjabi tunes however they likewise guarantee to not hole collections and melodies, so that makes this a lawful site with no sorts of superfluous intricacies.

  1. Does DJPunjab have a decent UI?

The UI of DJPunjab isn’t the most exceedingly terrible however it isn’t the best by the same token. They do have some convoluted classifications and exceptionally little text dimension which make you squint your eyes to perceive what is composed on the site, which can regularly be really irritating.

  1. Is DJPunjab refreshed each day?

As we have referenced time and time, indeed, DJPunjab is one of those sites that is refreshed each day. This implies that you need not stress over anything by any means. Ensure that you do look out on the patterns and most recent updates.

  1. Is the nature of the melodies on DJPunjab great?

DJPunjab never settles on the nature of the melodies on the site. This implies that each and every melody that is update is of the best quality, with no issue.


In the event that you are searching for spilled collections and singles, it isn’t accessible on DJPunjab. It is additionally not a demonstration that we support and would advise others to follow, particularly when a craftsman spends most of their diligent effort into making the melody or the collection.

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